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Let’s go get your new home!

Buying a home is the biggest business decision many people make in their entire lives. We take that decision and responsibility seriously. Whether you are an investor doing a 1031 exchange, first time home buyer, new to the area, scaling up or down – we have the relevant experience to get you into your dream home.

Why work with Wilson Roberts:

no. 1

Practiced negotiators

Lynn takes seriously the importance of high level negotiating skills to achieve what her clients want – the highest and best price. Lynn has earned several negotiation designations at Stanford University as well as a Certified Negotiation Expert Designation from the Real Estate Negotiation Institute, and she continues to read extensively to improve those essential skills.

For a house that I intended to purchase, the Redfin agent suggested that the fair value of a house was some X, I was to make a non contingent offer at X -30k. Neither did the Redfin agent visit the house nor did he even talk to the seller to find out a number in their mind. Exasperated, I texted Lynn at 10 pm introducing myself, and asking to talk to her. Lynn and I spoke that night and right next morning she dropped all her work to visit this house. Remember she knew me just the previous night and offers being due in a couple of days, I could have continued with Redfin. She offered her view that the enclosed patio space was right next to a bedroom and that such a configuration was not only difficult to live in but also difficult to sell in the market when time came to sell the house. These are exactly the insights we needed from a buying agent. Lynn is an agent definitely on your team – not just by words but by action.

The house that Lynn helped me purchase also had a similar story. We ended up getting the house for substantially less than the Redfin comp estimate. Lynn has vast experience and a high degree of professionalism that was respected by the seller realtor and the lender. She did a buyer’s inspection that Redfin would not deign to do. She also negotiated for us wherever there was leeway. Lynn met with me repeatedly at the house and made measurements of whether appliances would fit – showed us things we had missed during the open house. She was also very timely in returning my calls, addressing my concerns and lack of knowledge in some areas of house buying. Her recommendations – contractors and inspectors are not only good at what they do, they respect Lynn a lot. This might seem like high praise but when handling the biggest transaction of your lifetime, how can you ask for anything less?

Lynn was also present at the closing in case we needed help and constantly communicated to the seller to keep them in the loop. Thorough, professional and courteous – I am already recommending her to my friends and co-workers.


no. 2

Industry Experts

Buying a home is a complex process. We are here to help you understand the potential opportunities and challenges in each individual investment.

Having moved many more times than most, I’ve had the opportunity to work with quite a few realtors. But I was unusually fortunate to come into contact with Lynn Wilson Roberts when we moved from the east coast to California. She is the consummate professional, and I would recommend her with absolutely no reservations whatsoever to family, friends, co-workers… in short, to anyone.

My family and I saw firsthand how hard Lynn worked to understand our specific needs and wants, to help us as newcomers adjust to the unique real estate market in the Silicon Valley area, and to find suitable homes for us to view. Lynn is incredibly patient and understanding of the stresses involved in home buying, and made sure she did everything possible to make it easy for us. In addition, her in-depth knowledge of the local market and her personal connections to so many people involved in various aspects of real estate made her an invaluable resource to my wife and me.

When we were ready to sell our home, we again called Lynn for help. She quickly helped us establish a listing price, and simultaneously arranged for people to help us with minor repairs, cosmetic improvements and staging, and, of course, all the inspections and disclosures that are required. And even though our home was listed in October – an “off season” for home sales – it received multiple offers and sold in just seven days. We will always be grateful to Lynn.

Mike and Kim King

no. 3

Connected Professionals

Many homes are sold off-market – in some areas up to 40% of homes. Lynn and Anne are widely known and respected around the Bay Area and they work hard to ensure you know about every home available, even those that are off-market or coming to market soon. We connect with active agents, write letters to homeowners, among other things and will leave no stone unturned to help you find your dream home.


no. 4

The real deal

Work with Lynn and Anne directly, not a team of staff.

Lynn was a pleasure to work with! She actually listened to our preferences and selected homes based on this information. She worked efficiently and effectively, providing feedback promptly via phone and email when not available in person. She would point us to other resources if she could not answer our questions and worked quickly when we were ready to make an offer. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the Los Altos/Palo Alto area.

Dan and Lily

no. 5

Above and beyond

Our relationship continues past the close of escrow. We look forward to being in your real estate lives for many years.

We all want to find a realtor who makes us feel assured they are looking out for us; they are on our side. Lynn Wilson Roberts does this and so much more. Lynn is real estate savvy, well organized, honest, and provides thoughtful, professional representation. She is truly a cut above the rest. Lynn will make your real estate experience the best that it can be, under any circumstances. Lynn helped us sell our home and purchase a new one. Her unique style of personally offering to take care of so many details along the way minimized our stress and made everything seem flawless. I highly recommend that you choose Lynn Wilson Roberts to handle all your real estate needs.


the process

In our low inventory environment, we take seriously the challenge of representing buyers in their search for their dream home. Beating the bushes for off market listings, maintaining excellent relationships with active agents, understanding how the buying process works in each community (yes it is community specific), and in-depth familiarity of communities throughout the area are invaluable assets we bring to each search. We commit 100% to you, and we expect the same level of commitment from our buyers.

Evaluate Agents

Representing buyers is not for the lazy, inexperienced or unconnected agents. Confirm your agent’s cross skills of representing both buyers and sellers. Establish your agent knows areas beyond where you think you want to live – just in case! Assess you are comfortable and trust your agent’s experience and insights and sincerely believe your agent always has your best interests at heart.

In-depth meeting

Time to describe your dream home and community with its must haves and deal breakers. Talk about the buying process and fill in your knowledge gaps. Leverage our knowledge of neighborhoods to explore areas you might not know about. Establish mutual trust and confidence.


It’s important to work with a local, trusted lender if you will be getting financing. We will connect you with lenders that are responsive and dedicated to customer service, just as we are! There are many types of loans to meet many circumstances, so the more we know about you, the better we will be able to match you up with the right lender.


Offer strategy is critical to succeed in a multiple offer situation. We try to present our offers in person if the listing agent allows – there is lots of feedback in body language. Crafting a letter to the seller often gives an advantage, and we communicate with the listing agent about their clients’ wants and needs early in the process. The most popular homes sell quickly so we try to see the home even before it is listed on MLS.


In many parts of the country and even in other areas in the state, the escrow process is handled differently from our area. When a purchase agreement is signed, the deposit, usually 3% of the purchase price, is deposited with the title company to be held there during the escrow period which can be as short as a few days, or much longer if a purchase agreement has contingencies to remove over time. We stay in close touch with you to ensure the process is understood and properly followed. We will accompany you to the final document signing to help you feel confident with what you are provided. With every step of the way, we are at your side!

Move in!

We will help you find packers and movers; establish services, strategize on any improvements you want to make before you move in. We are your resource for everything related to your new home!

Neighborhood Party

One extra we love to gift our clients – we love to throw a “Welcome to the Neighborhood Party” and invite all your friends and neighbors. Neighbors then know about you and, whether they come to the party or not, feel more comfortable coming by just to say hi. Otherwise you may never have more than a passing nod from those who live closest to you.